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Food rich in carbohydrate are good for the human body since it is a good source of energy. Food high in carbohydrate content such as rice, cereal, breads, pasta and sweets are quite healthy, but excess consumption of them sometimes make an adverse effect on the health.

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Carbohydrates, which health scientists and dieticians categorize as simple carbohydrate and complex carbohydrate encourage weight gain, obesity and even Type 2 Diabetes, which could turn fatal if the consumption is not controlled. The best way to arrest the adverse effect of carbohydrate is switching to low carb meals from normal diet. It is the first step that dieticians suggest to people who develop different complications in their body due to over consumption of carbohydrates.

Low carb meals are specially designed meals where food items rich in carbohydrate are substituted by some other items with low carb content and high vitamin, protein and mineral content. The main purpose of taking low carboydrate meals is eliminating the starch and the sugar from the diet, which are the most harmful things for the health. Though some dieticians suggest very strict meals for reducing the level of carbohydrate, many exciting low carb diets or meals are there to choose from. These days, many dieticians do not even press for complete ellimination of carbohydrate but suggest meals that can curb the volume.

To make meals exciting for food lovers, dieticians now suggest meals made of tasty vegetable dishes. Cauliflower, spinach, broccoli, pepper, maize, carrot sticks and veggie sticks make excellent low carb meals. Varieties of exciting recipes for thes e vegetables are available on the net from which you could choose to make your lunch and dinner tasty. If you are fond of sweets, you can replace injurious items like candies, jams and deserts with fruits. Though fruits too contain high amount of sugar it is available in watery form which doesn’t impact much on the insulin level. Besides high amount of vitamins and minerals compensate for the loss which is caused due to reduced consumption of carbohydrate.

If vegetables and fruits are too depressing for you, opt for low carbohydrate meals that contain food rich in protein and fats such as egg, cheese, fish, shellfish, chestnut, nuts, milk and poultry. You will find endless recipes for poultry, egg and fishes that are not encourager of cholesterol. However, since you want to get back to your slim and trim figure, it is better to keep the level of fat and protein consumption in control. A combination of fat and protein rich poultry and fish and fibrous green vegtables and vitamin rich fruits will be perfect for you.

So, dont feel depressed if your deteriorated health condition has forced you to switch from normal diet to low carb diet. Simply browse the net to download various exciting low carbohydrate meals for your lunch and dinner. Time at the lunch and dinner table would be as exciting as it is now if you can pick up suitable meals that curb the carb but taste great.

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