Low carb foods limit the amount of carbohydrate intake and basically include vegetables that are non starchy, meats, eggs and poultry. Refined sugars are avoided, sweet vegetables, grains and legumes. When you are on a low carb diet, then your body is able to utilize the fat energy it has stored helping you breakdown fats and as a result decrease your insulin levels. A low carb diet is perfect for those hoping to lose some weight. They are also low in calories as they mostly consist of protein and fat which to a longer period to digest hence making you feel full longer.



Most of the carbohydrates you consume should be from low carb vegetables as they offer necessary fiber and nutrients. The net carb for bok choy and broccoli rabe is only 1 on the other hand spinach, eggplant and asparagus for each serving have 2 net carbs. There are 3 net carbs in each serving of zucchini, bell peppers and cauliflower. There are other vegetables with the with net carbs under 5 for each serving such as broccoli, avocado, mushrooms, edamane , green beans and tomatoes.



High protein foods like beef, bison, ham, lamb veal and venison are low in carbs and therefore perfect for your low carb diet. Try and go for cuts of lean meat as animal fat is saturated and is not healthy. A low carb diet mainly composed of meat increases health risks this is according to the National Institute of Health. As a result those who are on a low carb diet that is animal based have a higher risk of mortality and in particular dying from cancer.

Fish and Fowl

Fish is wonderful for a low carb diet and has numerous benefits for instance by consuming salmon you get omega -3 fatty acids which is heart healthy. In fact all kinds of fish are good for your low carb diet regimen. Shell fish is acceptable apart from mussels and oysters that are full of carbs and should be restricted to less than 4 oz. each day. Poultry is good because it is low in fat therefore chicken, turkey, duck, goose and other birds like quail are perfect for your low carb diet.

Eating eggs plus cheese

Eggs are nutritious and ideal low carb alternative and can be eaten as you please. Olive oil has un- saturated fat and is low in carbs and is good for cooking, butter is also another good low carb option. Restrict the amount of cheese you consume to less than 4 oz each day because cheese contains 1 net carb per ounce.


Beverages are very important to keep your body hydrated therefore take plenty of water. Choose healthy beverages like herbal teas, club soda and decaffeinated coffee. Decrease your cravings for sugar, keep away from caffeine and aspartame these limit your body’s fat burning. Want to lose weight and be healthy start a low carb diet today.