Low carb meals are a healthy option especially for those hoping to lose some weight since they accelerate your metabolic rate so that your body can burn fats. This is because a low carb diet will make your body move from breaking down sugar to breaking down fat. Low carb meals should be low in carbohydrates basically natural foods unlike the processed carbohydrates. 

You will need to keep a record of the low carb meals you consume this will be beneficial in identifying the low carb meals that best suit you.

carb free meals

Protein low carb meals are wonderful when it comes to burning fat.  Remember that in your selection of foods consider your allergies. Do not coat your low carb meals with flour, gravy or sauces as you will be packing them with carbohydrates. 

There are a variety of low carb meals that you can eat even though you are advised to avoid things like pasta, bread, grains and cereals. These low carb meals are not only for those who love to cook but there are also other alternatives that are quick to prepare so it doesn’t have to be tedious and unexciting. Low carb diets will trim down the amount of carbohydrates that you consume each day to be in the range of 50 and 150 grams.

Low carb meats and vegetables

The principal low carb meals will include meats and the best low carb meat includes fish and poultry. However you are going prepare your meat whether you want broil, roast or grill it you will need to marinate it first. This will increase the flavor you can do this in a majority of spices, herbs, vinegars and citrus juices. On chicken you can sample rosemary or olive oil and lemon juice, and on the side steak some soy sauce and garlic. Low carb vegetable make wonderful stuffing and increase the flavor of bear pork and fish. Coat some fillet with butter; some spinach that has been chopped and cooked, together with diced onions then make some rolls and bake. Mash pork with an assortment of chopped mushrooms, butter, diced onions, pounded garlic together with some parsley and then roast till they are ready.

Low carb salad

When it comes to making the salad for a low carb meal there are a variety of vegetables that you can use. For instance you can use some baby spinach, romaine lettuce these are some dark greens, arugula to combine the best nutrition. Blend in some cucumber alfalfa sprouts these are low carb vegetables a little bell peppers and radishes. Crown this with grilled meat or whatever you like some bacon bits, frayed cheese. Ensure that the dressing of the salad is not laden with carbohydrates use olive oil as they do not contain unhealthy unsaturated fats or dressing based in safflower oil.

Low carb side dish

The low carb meal is not complete out a side dish this usually consists some steamed greens to go along with the meat they include the following vegetables broccoli, asparagus or artichokes. Crown this with a splash of Romano cheese and butter and chopped herbs.