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A lot of folks practicing low-carb diet have questions about whether they should drink protein shakes, which type of protein and how much to drink that will not affect low carb diet

The answer is yes, it’s ok to drink  protein shakes, as long as they don’t contain Carb.

The problem with protein drink for low carb dieters is there are many kinds of shakes that contains hidden carb. The reason is those protein shakes usually not *natural* and the producers usually add carb into it.

Why protein is so important

The simple reason is it used for the production of muscles, hormones, enzymes, nucleic acids, and also immune-system components. Protein is essential. If you are doing bodybuilding, then it becomes more important since if there is not enough protein then our muscles wouldn’t heal up fast enough and can lead to injury.

Do I have to drink protein in low carb diet

No, you don’t have to. Usually, in your low carb diet, there are already high protein component in your meal.

These are typical foods contain high protein
high protein foods

When is the best time to drink protein shakes?

Many people drink protein before or during their workout. Actually, right after your workout is the best time to get protein drink so that the protein can be delivered to your muscle. Protein shakes is usually taking about haft an hour to reach the muscle after ingestion.

Best Protein drinks for Low Carb Dieters

There are many types of protein drinks in the market, but the best for low carb are those that is zero carb , remember to look at the ingredients every time you buy them. Here is the list of protein drinks with Zero carb from Google product search: Protein drinks zero carb