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 If you have ‘succeeded’ in gaining excessive weight and has forced your doctor to raise his eyebrows with your ‘impressive’ progress towards obesity and Type 2 Diabetes, then diet low carb is the mantra of survival for you.

A diet low carb is the only way you can get rid of the death trap of Diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases and you should start the process of switching over right now. Food rich in carbohydrate are good for the health since carbohydrate is vital source of energy that keeps the body moving but excessive intake of carbs makes you gain weight unnecessarily. Moreover, carbohydrates contain starch that breaks into sugar after digestion and encourages the insulin level to rise, inviting Type 2 Diabetes and associated cardio-vascular disorders. So what becomes essential for you is curbing the intake of carbs (carbohydrates) and hence you need a diet low carb.

Bread (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where Choices are Many

Though a low cab diet is intended to eliminate carbohydrate rich foods completely from one’s diet, today’s dieticians offer plenty of diets that are easier for foodies to accept. Instead of eliminating ‘delicious’ white foods like bread, pasta and rice and sweets like jams, jellies, candies and deserts, they suggest substitution. If you are fond of breads, you can replace normal breads with thin breads, whole wheat breads or low carb tortillas. Similarly you can replace rice with cabbage rice since cabbage is considered as one of the major low carb vegetables. other vegetables that you can use as replacements of your favorite foods are spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, carrot sticks, veggie sticks and items rich in protein and fat like poultry, eggs, milk, cheese, nuts, fish and shellfish.

Be Specific for a well Toned Body

If you are true foodie and like to enjoy your time at the lunch or dinner table, the best low carb diet for you would be a 1200 calorie low carb diet. As per opinions of dieticians and food experts, 1200 calorie low carb diet is the ideal diet for losing weight quickly. It is the best low carb diet for you not only because it can help you get slim and trim quickly but also because it can excite your taste buds and make time at the lunch and dinner table equally enjoyable, if not more. Since 1200 calorie diet is very popular you will find plenty of options for this diet on the internet. Just search for it on Google and browse through the links. You will find plenty of exciting diets containing delicious items like turkey, chicken and cottage cheese. There are special 1200 calorie low carb diets for women that you can choose from if you are a lady with the wish to get slimmer and trimmer.

Recipes to be Delighted

Apart from 1200 calorie diet, you will find plenty of delicious low carb recipes that can make lunch and dinner time more exciting than they are now ensuring improvement of your health condition. You will find delicious low carb recipes for pizzas, pastas as well as rice and breads. You just need to buy the ingredients and follow the instructions to have mouthwatering dishes that can help you curb the carbs without forcing your taste buds to compromise.