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It has been a known fact that bread causes a rise in the blood sugar. Breads are prepared from grains like wheat. These grains are mostly starch, which is mostly made of strings of glucose. Owing to enzymes in saliva, these starch molecules start to breakdown into sugars. Most of these starches have been converted to sugars by the time they reach the stomach. However, there are exceptions and these things really count when you go to buy a bread.

best low carb bread

What to consider when buying bread

Firstly, when buying bread, go for the thinner bread as in most cases they contain least amount of carbohydrate since it has less of everything. Be careful all the same not to buy the often imported very dense thin bread as they are high in starch.

Low ‘usable’ carb bread means that when you subtract the fiber from the total carbohydrate content, you remain with the least amount of carbohydrate. This is far more the most important thing when trying to find the effect of the bread on the blood glucose. You should take a number of loaves to familiarize yourself with the amount of carbohydrates they contain.

Whole wheat bread

Another very important aspect to consider while looking for the best low carb bread is the texture of the bread. Bread that is rough and has a grainy texture is most likely to be less glycemic (low in carb). The more thinly ground a kernel of grains is, the faster the starch breaks down into sugars. Though some manufacturers have tried to make 100% whole grain bread which is softer, this bread is generally just as glycemic as the white bread. The best low carb bread has visible pieces of grains.

Substituting fiber for some of the starch in the bread helps to reduce calories as well as the carbohydrates. This however does not mean that the more the fiber the less the impact on the blood sugar it is simply added to the other ingredients other than being a replacement for starch.

Preliminary proof shows that bread made from sprouted grain doesn’t cause as high sugar rise as regular bread. However, do not be deceived by labels, sprouted grains are not entirely fiber.

Another form of low carb breads are the high protein breads. These breads are made from lots of wheat gluten which is the protein part of the wheat thus making the breads the best low carb breads you can get.

Some light breads are known to be low in carb. They have fewer calories than the regular bread and this is done by making the slices smaller and making substitution of starch for fiber. This reduces the calories and makes the bread lighter.  Sourdough bread produces less glycemic response than the regular bread. Most probably the best bread substitutes are the low carb tortilla. They are practically cheaper and are readily available in most stores.  

Wheat contains more protein than most grains. This means that breads made from wheat are far low in carb than bread made from any other grain.

When looking for the low carb breads always avoid bagels and rolls since they contain up to four servings of bread and are less likely to be fully whole grain. Soft breads are very finely ground and thus are easily converted to sugars thus should be avoided if you are looking low carb breads.